U of Chicago Faculty Blog

Picked this up from BoleyBlogs. It is powered by Typepad, but one does wonder why they ar enot running their own software. And what about podcasting? Classcaster anyone?

The University of Chicago Law School Faculty Blog: Welcome
The University of Chicago School of Law has always been a place about ideas. We love talking about them, writing about them, and refining them through open, often lively conversation. This blog is just a natural extension of that tradition. Our hope is to use the blog as a forum in which to exchange nascent ideas with each other and also a wider audience, and to hear feedback about which ideas are compelling and which could use some re-tooling.

Wacom Graphire4 Pen Tablet Reveiwed

Wacom Graphire4 review by PC Magazine
The Wacom Graphire4 pen tablet is elegantly designed, highly customizable, and very responsive. It’s an excellent, economical way to get more precision and control than a regular mouse provides. And if you’re interested in graphics, you could justify buying it just for the bundled software.

Getting a Custom RSS Feed Via Email

ResearchBuzz: RSS Feeds to Newsletters and Specializing the Feed

This articles highlights a couple of toools that you can use to create custom RSS feeds and then have the results emailed to you. Pretty neat. The idea is to have Feedshake scan a set of feeds for you and filter on terms you select. This gives you a custom feed. Tyhen hand that feed off to RSSFwd which reads the feed and emails it to an address you provide. A possible use here would be to create a custom filtered feed that could be distributed to a mailing list: instant newsletter.

YADL – Yet Another Digital Library

The project is called the Open Content Alliance.

In Challenge to Google, Yahoo Will Scan Books – New York Times
An unusual alliance of corporations, nonprofit groups and universities plans to announce today an ambitious plan to digitize hundreds of thousands of books over the next several years and put them on the Internet, with the full text accessible to anyone.