Talk to the Ether

Get your free Ether Phone Number. Set your rate. Set your hours.Your phone only rings when people pay to talk to you.

Ether: Earn money selling what you say.

Intriguing concept.  I do wonder about how this would really work though.  Is there a feed back system, some sort of karma, reputonics, something that helps me find just the right person to talk to.  I wonder if I could replicate something like this with Skype and Ebay?  And how does this scale for the seller?  I only have so much time to talkand it is a finite amount of time.  Of course if I get really good I could just keep raising my rates.

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ePresence – I’m watching a live presentation on the new release of ePresence.  From their website:

ePresence Interactive Media softwareis a content capturing, archiving, and webcasting system that deliversvideo and presentation media over the internet using multiple streamingformats for multiple platforms. ePresence also supports text and voiceinteraction among event participants.

In an IE window I’m watching a webcast that includes live audio and video, PowerPoint slides, and text chat.  It also handles VOIP and screen capture.  Some parts of this are Open Source, but the best bits are available only to consortium members.  Of course anyone can join the consortium:)
This looks like what we need for the conference web cast. 

  • On Windows only works properly in IE.  Firefox gets some of the webcast, but not audio and video.  Mac users are reporting problems also.
  • Open source bits are built on Helix, it seems but might be tightly tied to Windows on client side.
  • Linux version of server is available.
  • Producer will generate MP3s and RSS feed for podcasting.
  • VOIP does work, viewers are suing it to ask the presenter questions.

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