links for 2006-04-25

Does eLangdell = Textbender?

Textbender is a distributed system of collaborative writing, with a basis in genetic theory. As a distributed system, it differs from the typical centralized approach (e.g. of a Wiki) where writers push contributions to a single, central copy of the text. By contrast, textbender has no central copy; instead, each writer has a separate copy of the text, and selectively pulls contributions from other writers. As a consequence, there are multiple variations of the text. Collectively, the text has spatial diversity. Project details for textbender

This is crazy:)  From a quick look Textbender seems to have a lot of the authoring features that I’m looking to build into eLangdell.  Basically it lets you take an existing document, slice, dice splice, and create your own version.  Further you can include pieces of other documents in the repository.  I’ll need to run the code to see how it works. 

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