Do Students Actually Use Library Services?

If Libraries had shareholders – Article offers up some interesting graphics that seem to indicate that the actual use of library materials and services at major research libraries has been on the decline since before the Internet came along.  This decline continues, with libraries apparently used more as study and social space than for actual research. 

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iPhollow – Fun with Asterisk, Bluetooth and an iPhone

Nerd Vittles » Proximity Detection Perfection: Bluetooth + Asterisk + iPhone – What you get here is a blow by blow description on how to use the Asterisk Bluetooth proximity features to route phone calls.  If your in the office, near the Bluetooth connection with a Bluetooth phone, Asterisk senses this and rings the office phone.  When you go out of Bluetooth range, Asterisk forwards the call to your iPhone (or other BT-enabled phone).  Cool.

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