links for 2010-10-26

  • It turns out that running your own private cloud setup inside your firewall can be just as easy and –even better– completely free to run.

    The tools you use to accomplish this feat are all found on one simple platform: Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud (UEC), which is found on Ubuntu Server. Using an Ubuntu Server 10.10 disc, I was able to install all of the software I needed within a half-hour's time: and a chunk of that time was downloading the software I needed, including Ubuntu.

Getting jQuery Right From The Start

jQuery has changed the way we write Javascript by abstracting out much of the painful cross-browser implementation details that used to plague developers, but to use it correctly still requires a little knowledge about what’s going on under the hood. In this post we’ll take a good look at jQuery’s selectors and how to use them efficiently.

Wealthfront Engineering: jQuery the Right Way.

One of the best explanations of how jQuery works and how to use it properly I’ve seen. Best part is the inclusion of things that will actually slow jQuery down, resulting in a poor experience for your visitors, coupled with faster alternatives.