Day: February 1, 2012

GOV.UK Goes Beta With Open Source, Mobile Friendly, Scalable Platform

The British Government has launched a beta of its GOV.UK platform, testing a single domain for that could be used throughout government. The new single government domain will eventually replace Directgov, the UK government portal which launched back in 2004. GOV.UK is aimed squarely as delivering faster digital services to citizens through a much improved…

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Twitter Updates for 2012-02-01

@blitz_io makes performance testing a fun sport: #load #testing #teknoids # NYU student newspaper editorial – stick with paper textbooks | TeleRead # In January, so far, there have been over 3600 downloads of the 9 titles available in the #elangdell bookstore. #OER # EXCLUSIVE: The IM Conversation In Which 19-Year-Old Zuckerberg…

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