Fake Microsoft Patch Launches Virus

Fake Microsoft Patch Triggers Virus Attack
In what has become a monthly staple, virus writers are taking advantage of the heightened public interest around Microsoft’s patching cycle to trick users into executing a malicious attachment.

The latest social engineering trick arrives via e-mail with an attachment that purports to be a “cumulative patch” for May 2005.

The claim is that the executable file contains patches for vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, three widely used products with a history of serious security bugs.

The file is actually an executable for a variant of W32.Pinfi, a memory-resident polymorphic virus capable of replicated via mapped drives and network shares.

Google Adds Personalization

Google Launches “My Google” Style Feature
Google is unveiling today a new My Google-style service allowing people to consolidate various Google features they use, ranging from web search to email, in one place.

Hmm, trying to be Yahoo? I though Yahoo wanted to be Google. What does Bill think?

A Social Aggregator?

Dave Winer pointed to this article, RSS: What is a ‘River of News’ style aggregator?, and it got me to thinking. I’ve been looking at social bookmarking a lot lately, especially Scuttle, for a little project I call the great big law school directory. What about social aggregating of feeds? Let folks add feeds as bookmarks, add tags to the bookmarks, run a serverside aggregator, shake, stir, repeat. Browsing by tags of course, RSS feeds of feeds of course, ‘River of News’ style, of course.

But here’s the bing! Parse the feeds as aggragated looking for category tags in the feed and add those to the folsonomy that is built around the feed. That would be cool.

TechRepublic Launches Member Blogs

Member blogs are live
If you have an existing blog, you can import it into your TechRepublic blog using your external blog’s RSS feed. This eliminates the need to post things twice.

Well, this sounded interesting, so I gave it a shot. Nothing real fancy, but it does have the neat feature of importing the feed from <CONTENT /> as a way to populate the blog. The feeds are updated wevery 4 hours, so the mirror isn’t in real time, but I don’t mind. It also gives me access to all of the tagging going on on the TR member site as well as. Who knows, it may even drive more traffic.

Netscape 8.0 Released

BetaNews | Netscape 8.0 Final Released
The revived browser is based upon FireFox 1.0.3, bundling FireFox’s advanced features with a Netscape interface and many other custom enhancements such as integrated RSS feeds and Netscape portal content, as well as enhanced privacy features and a selection of optional toolbars to install.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer engine is included under the hood to provide better compatibility with Web sites that conform to IE.

The ability to toggle between Firefox and IE is pretty cool.

Nick Terry Awarded Professorship

Three Senior Faculty Members Awarded Professorships
Professor Nicolas P. Terry, co-director of the Center for Health Law Studies and co-editor-in-chief of the Journal of Health Law, has been awarded one of two professorships provided by the Chester A. Myers Endowment. Professor Terry is an internationally recognized scholar on eHealth. His research interest lies primarily at the intersection of medicine, law and technology. Recent scholarship has concentrated on technologically-mediated health care (including telemedicine), privacy of medical information and the use of technology to reduce medical error. Educated at Kingston University and the University of Cambridge, he began his academic career as a member of the law faculty of the University of Exeter in England. He joined the School of Law in 1980, where he has taught torts, products liability, health care law, eHealth, Internet law and insurance law ever since. During the 1996-1997 academic year, Professor Terry was on leave from the law school and served as director of legal education for LEXIS-NEXIS. He is a Senior Fellow at Melbourne Law School and holds the secondary appointment of professor of health management & policy at the Saint Louis University School of Public Health.

Congrats to Nick!

Nasdaq Moving to Open Source Apps

Nasdaq CIO confirms move to open-source Instinet apps – Computerworld
Nasdaq Stock Market Inc.’s CIO said last week that the exchange will scrap its proprietary SuperMontage order entry and execution system in favor of an open-source system from electronic broker Instinet Group Inc., which Nasdaq agreed to acquire last month.

Creative Commons Goes Internationally and Restructures

Creative Commons Expands Internationally & Restructures Its Key Management Team
Creative Commons, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building a body of creative works free to share and build upon, today announced the launch of Creative Commons International. Incorporated in the UK as a nonprofit organization, Creative Commons International will provide support to the global network of collaboration partners of Creative Commons who have taken on the responsibility of translating the Creative Commons licenses.

Google Desktop Search For Enterprise

Google releases enterprise desktop search tool | InfoWorld | News | 2005-05-18 | By Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service
The workplace tool, called Google Desktop Search for the Enterprise, is expected to be available for free download on Wednesday at http://desktop.google.com/enterprise.

Google decided to develop the product because it received many requests for a workplace version of the consumer desktop search tool, said Matthew Glotzbach, product manager for the Google Enterprise group.

With Google Desktop Search Enterprise an admin can configure and deploy GDS across the enterprise and includes enhanced features like encryption of index files. You can find the admin guide here.

Question: Will any teknoids deploy across their law school? I think this would be a great tool for helping faculty and staff manage their information. Of course there is always Copernic.

SupportDesk: Live Chat for Web Help

freshmeat.net: Project details for SupportDesk
SupportDesk is an Internet text chat system designed for Web sites that wish to provide their users with online support. A Java applet client allows users to log in to the chat system anonymously from a Web site and request help from the Web site operators.