Yahoo! News – New Sober Worm Spreading Quickly

Yahoo! News – New Sober Worm Spreading Quickly

CALI saw a bunch of this come through late this morning and early this afternoon. Seems like a lot of it is around.

SUSE Awarded EAL4 Certification

Slashdot | SUSE Awarded EAL4 Certification
Following in the wake of its previous certifications, Novell’s SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 9 has achieved EAL4 certification on ‘an IBM eServer.’ This puts SLES9 in the same league as Windows 2000 for sales in the government sector and is the first Linux distro to achieve an EAL4 certification.””

First post, new version.

Welcome to <CONTENT /> v.4! (btw, the title is an old joke by now, but I like it:) ). I’ve decided to bring version 4 of my blog into existance using WordPress because I need to do 2 things: make my life simpler and find my voice. Besides new software, I have a new URL, and I moved hosting back in-house. It’s all about total control, baby!