You don’t need new HDMI cables for Dolby Vision HDR – CNET

Any HDMI cable you’ve bought in the last few years is likely to be of the High Speed variety. This unfortunate name describes cables that can handle 1080p video and above. Chances are these cables will work for 4K and even 4K HDR. They are, essentially, a dumb pipe.

You don’t need “special” HDMI cables to transmit HDR content. You just need a big enough pipe to handle the data. Over short distances, say six feet or around 2 meters, most cables will be fine. For longer distances the cable has to be a bit better made in order to work. But “better made” doesn’t have to mean “expensive.”

You don’t need new HDMI cables for Dolby Vision HDR – CNET

Definitely don’t fall for the special cable thing. I’m using cables that I picked up for a few bucks a piece at Tuesday Morning a couple of years ago to wire up my 4K gear and they’re fine.

Using XML, PHP and Festival to Produce a “Radio” Play

You play the play with two files: an XML data file that contains the play itself and a producer script in PHP. The XML data contains the cast list, the title and credits, a list of files to use for effects, and each character’s lines (the dialogue). The producer renders the play to an audio device according to the instructions in the XML data, which makes it easy to create a different play or edit the current one and play it with the same producer.

IBM Developerworks::Produce 60-second radio theatre with XML, PHP and Festival.

This is pretty crazy. An XML version of a script is feed to the Festival TTS engine resulting in a an audio file of the play. Some interesting ideas come to mind like automated newscasts, not to mention the revival of the radio drama as a techno art form.