Drupal Distribution: Opigno LMS

It allows to very easily create engaging learning pathsassess the knowledge of students, employees or partners, and monitor their achievements thanks to the reporting dashboards. It offers innovative features like adaptive learning depending on the user’s results, automatic skill management, a mobile application, and much more…

  • manage training paths organized in courses, modules, and activities
  • configure adaptive learning paths
  • manage and ensure skill acquisition by students
  • assess students thanks to varied quizzes
  • manage blended learning by combining online modules with in-house sessions and virtual classrooms
  • award certificates to successful students
  • sell your trainings online
  • facilitate interactions thanks to live meetings, forums and chats
  • and much more!

Opigno LMS is fully compliant with SCORM (1.2 and 2004 v3) and Tin Can (xAPI).

It integrates the innovative H5P technology, making possible to create rich interactive training contents.

Source: Opigno LMS

Drupal for e-Learning websites

What a Drupal website for distance learning should be like? We will talk about technologies for students’ assignments, collecting statistics on the work done, functionality, Drupal modules, and distributions for its work.

Source: Drupal for e-Learning websites

Overview of creating an Online Course with WordPress and LMS Plugins

Creating online courses in WordPress is easier than ever with the help of some amazing LMS (Learning Management Systems) plugins. It’s a great business model, considering the low startup costs, profits, ability to share your knowledge, and flexibility. What’s that? I think I hear the school bell ringing. So, let’s get to it… Here’s a bit of what I’ll be going over: Why even launch an online course using WordPress? Do you need an LMS plugin? 3rd party sites (and why they’re probably not best) Creating online courses in WordPress

Source: How to Create an Online Course with WordPress and LMS Plugins :: wpmudev

Good overview of the pros and cons of building a course using WordPress and some third party plugins. Key thing to remember is that you’re still responsible for all the content, WP + plugins just give you a framework to offer the course in.

Blackboard Debt Takes a Hit After Colleges Drop Its Education Software

Blackboard Debt Takes a Hit After Colleges Drop Its Education Software https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-07-10/blackboard-debt-takes-hit-as-colleges-quit-former-market-darling

Blackboard Loses Patent Appeal, Again.

A federal appeals court has found all 38 of Blackboard Inc.’s contested patent claims to be invalid in ongoing litigation between the D.C.-based education software company and its Canadian competitor, Desire2Learn Inc.

This is the second time in the course of the three-year lawsuit that courts have poked major holes in Blackboard’s patent.

“Blackboard is obviously disappointed with the Federal Circuit’s decision and will seek further judicial review,” said Matthew Small, chief business officer for Blackboard (NASDAQ:BBBB). “Meanwhile, claims 39-44 of the 138 patent remain valid and enforceable. These claims were not at issue in the appeal.”

via Court rules against Blackboard in patent case – Washington Business Journal: .

Full text of the decision is here (PDF).