BlueSpice, based on MediaWiki, is an open source alternative to Confluence 

Knowledge management is a key to success in modern enterprises—but it is not exactly easy to achieve. Keeping track of all relevant details across all employees is a huge challenge, especially in agile environments, which most companies say they are.

Most companies resort to buying wiki-like solutions, such as Confluence from Atlassian, which exposes them to the lock-in effect of proprietary software. But many would do well to consider BlueSpice, an open source alternative to Atlassian Confluence that has a noble ancestry: it’s based on Wikipedia’s MediaWiki.

Source: Manage knowledge with BlueSpice, an open source alternative to Confluence

9 Tools for Live Streaming Just About Anything

So now, for example, brainstorming can be done with a wiki-like tool, and notes from a meeting or background research can become a blog post. Instead of saving bookmarks as private “favorites” in a web browser, you can publish them as social bookmarks. Ideas and discussions can be expressed as blog posts or as status updates on social networks.

via MediaShift . 9 Tools to Help Live-Stream Your Newsroom | PBS.

Excellent set of tools to let you add live streaming to just about anything. It is easy enough to see that these sort of tools would be useful in legal education and certainly when used with Classcaster allow for all sorts of possibilities. I think the idea here is to open the room, removing the walls from the class/session/seminar/presentation to allow access to the broadest possible audience. Certainly applications for legal education could make use of any combination of these tools to enhance the classroom or open the symposium.

One thought here also is that the movement should really be using a tool set like this to open there discussions.

And keep in mind that using live streaming tools works best when usage is planned in advance.