6 Node Raspberry PI 2 Cluster Running Apache Spark and Hadoop

Source: Raspberry PI 2 Cluster Case pt2 | PocketCluster

Well, this is a heck of thing. I suppose having my own cluster for just a couple of hundred bucks sounds like a good idea.

LexisNexis to Open Source Hadoop Alternative HPCC Systems

LexisNexis is planning to release its internally developed supercomputing platform as open source, providing developers with an alternative to the Hadoop framework for large-scale data processing, the company said Wednesday.
LexisNexis has been developing the technology, dubbed HPCC Systems, for the past 10 years, according to the company, which provides a variety of information services to legal firms, libraries, corporations and government entities.

via Hadoop alternative to be open sourced – Computerworld.

It will run on commodity Linux boxes and will be released in Community and Enterprise flavors. The Community version will have a GNU Affero GPL v3 license.

And there is one important note:

LexisNexis stressed that HPCC Systems won’t involve the release of any of its “data sources, data products, the unique data linking technology, or any of the linking applications that are built into its products.”

It will be very interesting to see how this develops.