Students Contribute to Wikipedia for Class

Prof replaces term papers with Wikipedia contributions, suffering ensues – Good idea, somewhat questionable execution.  Pluses include a sense of ownership of the topic, broader audience for students’ work; minuses include dealing with the Wikipedia community, learning the syntax, finding open topics.

Seems to me that a really good compromise here would be a another wiki, focused on student scholarship across disciplines.  Students contribute to fulfill course requirements and the world at large, as with  Wikipedia , is the audience.

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MySQL Gets Googlified

The search company has done a lot of work customizing MySQL to meet its special needs. Those efforts include improving database replication and adding tools to monitor a high volume of database instances

MySQL to get injection of Google code

Look for these additions in MySQL 6, expected in late 2008.  This will certainly add a lot to high availability and replication features of MySQL.

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LOC Building Subject-centric Internet Archive

LOC Collecting Blogs | Library Stuff – There is a comment to the post from someone at the LOC that point to  the LOC webcapture page.  It is a more finely tuned, human mediated collection as opposed to the Internet Archives “spider it all” approach.  They are using some interesting tools for building this collection too.  The actual collections are available throguh the MINERVA Web Archiving Project.

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