My Twitter Digest for 10/19/2016

RT @JoshData: This is really important. Also was the reason I built the pdf-redactor tool. Check it out! Download the bulk data! https://t.… 11:03:56, 2016-10-19 Should Lawyers Learn to Code? 13:09:49, 2016-10-19 President Obama schools Silicon Valley CEOs on why government is not like business 13:12:44, 2016-10-19 My Twitter Digest for 10/18/2016 15:30:16,…

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Windows Subsystem for Linux Windows Interoperability Brings Linux Commands to Windows CLI

The Windows Subsystem for Linux can invoke native Windows binaries and be invoked from a Windows command line. This feature is available to Windows 10 users running Anniversary Update build 14951. This new interoperability functionality delivers a seamless experience between Windows and WSL. Technical details on how this interoperability works can be found on the…

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My Twitter Digest for 10/18/2016

Disney Open Source 08:01:32, 2016-10-18 Now Open – AWS US East (Ohio) Region | AWS Blog 08:34:17, 2016-10-18 My Twitter Digest for 10/17/2016 15:30:43, 2016-10-18 CALI Time Trial: Learn While Playing a Game 20:27:24, 2016-10-18

Now Open – AWS US East (Ohio) Region | AWS Blog

As part of our ongoing plan to expand the AWS footprint, I am happy to announce that our new US East (Ohio) Region is now available. In conjunction with the existing US East (Northern Virginia) Region, AWS customers in the Eastern part of the United States have fast, low-latency access to the suite of AWS…

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Disney Open Source

Open Source Software is important to The Walt Disney Company. Disney has established an Open Source Program to encourage our developers to utilize Open Source, contribute to Open Source projects, and to release software as Open Source. We’ve created this site to highlight Disney’s Open Source projects. We encourage you to explore our projects and…

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rclone – rsync for cloud storage

Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to and from Google Drive Amazon S3 Openstack Swift / Rackspace cloud files / Memset Memstore Dropbox Google Cloud Storage Amazon Drive Microsoft One Drive Hubic Backblaze B2 Yandex Disk The local filesystem Source: rclone – rsync for cloud storage This looks interesting. It’s…

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My Twitter Digest for 10/13/2016

My Twitter Digest for 10/12/2016 15:31:46, 2016-10-13 TIL the server side of Slack is written in PHP. How about that? 15:59:17, 2016-10-13 How to use Krita for animation | 16:28:20, 2016-10-13 RT @caliorg: Mary Lowe presenting @AAfPE 2016 on CALI lessons 16:48:00, 2016-10-13 RT @sglassmeyer: I mean, in my ideal world all…

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How to use Krita for animation |

Animation isn’t easy, but the good news is that open source supplies plenty of high-quality animation tools. Source: How to use Krita for animation |

TIL the server side of Slack is written in PHP. How about that?

Slack uses PHP for most of its server-side application logic, which is an unusual choice these days. Why did we choose to build a new project in this language? Should you? … PHP-the-language has many flaws, which undoubtedly have slowed these efforts down, but PHP-the-environment has virtues which more than compensate for those flaws. And…

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