Commercial Support for MySQL in Amazon EC2

MySQL :: MySQL Enterprise for Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2 is a web service that allows organizations to right size their computing capacity on demand using Amazon’s proven computing environment. Using MySQL Enterprise for Amazon EC2, developers can cost-effectively deliver web-scale database applications in the “cloud”, fully backed by the database experts at MySQL. Amazon EC2 and MySQL are a great fit for organizations that want to reduce the capital expenditures and operating costs required to build out and run their IT infrastructure.

This is a pretty big deal. A definitive sign of support for the Amazon cloud on the part of Sun and MySQL.

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MSF Scraps Live Search Book and Academic

Today we informed our partners that we are ending the Live Search Books and Live Search Academic projects and that both sites will be taken down next week. Books and scholarly publications will continue to be integrated into our Search results, but not through separate indexes.This also means that we are winding down our digitization initiatives, including our library scanning and our in-copyright book programs. We recognize that this decision comes as disappointing news to our partners, the publishing and academic communities, and Live Search users.

Live Search : Book search winding down

Looks like Google is now the only mega player in this area.  I wonder if this has anything to do with the failure of the Yahoo! takeover?

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links for 2008-05-20

Use OpenOffice to Create MeidaWiki Articles

The Sun Wiki Publisher enables you to create Wiki articles on MediaWiki servers without having to know the syntax of the MediaWiki markup language. Publish your new and existing documents transparently with the Writer to a wiki page.All important text attributes such as headings, hyperlinks, lists and simple tables are supported. Even images are supported as long as they have already been uploaded to the wiki site. An automatic upload of images is currently not supported.It is the perfect extension for all users who want to make existing documentations and specifications available on MediaWiki servers. Just load the document and call the Extension with ‘Send – MediaWiki Server’. A dialog will guide you to publish your document.Requires StarOffice 8 (Update 10 or higher) or (2.4 or higher)

Sun Wiki Publisher | repository for Extensions

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Digital Repos Survey Available

Produced by Primary Research Group, The International Survey of Institutional Digital Repositories (ISBN: 1-57440-090-8; $89.50) describes norms and benchmarks for budgets, software use, manpower needs and deployment, financing, usage, marketing and other facets of the managment of international digital repositories based on data from higher education libraries and other institutions involved in institutional digital repository development.

Law Librarian Blog: International Survey of Institutional Digital Repositories

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