Get Your IE Chromed!

Chrome Frame is a new browser plug-in developed by Google to give you a Chrome browsing experience inside of Internet Explorer. Let me restate that slightly to make it more clear: Chrome Frame turns IE into Chrome.

via Google Has A Solution For Internet Explorer: Turn It Into Chrome .

Sounds interesting and worthy of a test.

Neatx, an Open Source NX Server: Google Code You Can Use TODAY!

Last week, [Google] released the source code of [its[ own proof-of-concept implementation of an NX server, Neatx. Designed from scratch with flexibility and maintainability in mind, Neatx minimizes the number of involved processes and all code is split into several libraries. It is written in Python, with the exception of very few wrapper scripts in BASH and one program written in C for performance reasons. Neatx was also able to reuse some code from another Google Open Source project, Ganeti. The code still has some issues, but we’re confident interested developers will be able to fix them.

via Google Open Source Blog: Releasing Neatx, an Open Source NX Server.

This little announcement got buried in the tsunami of ChromeOS coverage. The really neat thing about Neatx is that is actually exists today. You can check the code out from SVN and use it right now.