Using CSS to Position Lists

How to Use CSS to Position Horizontal Unordered Lists – WebReference.comLet’s say that you’ve chosen to use a horizontal styled unordered list for your navigation and have followed the generally accepted CSS methods put forward by the many CSS information sites on the web. All’s well until you decide that you don’t want your menu to be left aligned. You want to be able to position it centrally or to the right and this is where it starts to get tricky.

NewsGator Opens API

The API generates a lot of stuff in OPML and RSS2.0.

NewsGator API Homepage
NewsGator Online provides an API to allow application developers to develop aggregators and other applications that process RSS to use a NewsGator Online user’s location, subscription and folder structure in their application. The NewsGator Online API also gives application developers very fine-grained control over synchronizing the read and deleted state of individual posts.

Blogs, Podcasts, RSS: A Niche In A Niche In A Niche

Good article about the demographics behind the those who consume blogs, podcasts, and RSS feeds. As I’ve long suspected at the moment venturing into these waters is apparently developing for a niche in a niche ina niche. The good news is that the niche is growing:)

What Blogs, Podcasts, Feeds Mean to Bottom Line
The average consumer of blogs, RSS/XML feeds and Podcasts is male, earns big bucks and, in the case of Podcasts, is a youngster

Podcasts On Campus Growing

I’m sensing a trend with AUWCL announcing its podcasting service this week, and now this. Look likes I’m getting Classcaster out the door just in time and CALI will be in front of this wave. Of course Classcaster has 2 cool features: podcasting with your telephone and podcast enabled blogs. I do need to write more about Classcaster:)

Purdue University Offers Lectures via Podcast
Today, Purdue University announced it will be offering a podcast service covering ‘large’ lectures on campus. Any faculty member can request that their lectures be made available via the service, which is called ‘BoilerCast.’

GMail Open To Anyone With a Mobile Phone

One account per phone number rule seeks to keep out spammers and bots.

BetaNews | Google Opens Gmail Service to Public
When Google unveiled its instant messaging client yesterday, there was only one problem: Google Talk requires a Gmail account, which has been invitation-only since its beta debut in 2004. This changed on Thursday, however, as Google opened Gmail to anyone in the United States with a mobile phone.

U of Dayton Law Launches 2 Year Degree Program

Looks like Dayton becomes the first school to take advantage of changes in ABA standards that changed how long it takes to get a JD. Now if someone would just step up and take advantage of the DE changes that the ABA put in place at the same time.

UD Alumni News: Two Year Law Degree
A new, accelerated curriculum has attracted national media attention and helped to trigger the highest application volume in a dozen years and the best entering test scores since 1994 in the School of Law. Nationally, law school applications are down.

Skype Launches API

On the same day Google enters the IM/VOIP arena, SKype launches 2 APIs to open its system.

Share Skype
Skype opens IM and Presence to the world. – Introducing SkypeWeb and SkypeNet

American’s Washington College of Law Launches Podcasting Service

AFAIK, WCL is the first US law school to launch a podcasting service. The feed is here. It will be interesting to see how fast other schools adopt similar services. Of course Classcaster makes this sort of thing a lot easier.

AU News Press Release
WCL launched this service primarily for its students in Washington, D.C. and around the world.

New PHP XML-RPC Flaw Revealed

PHP hit by another critical flaw – Computerworld
The bug was found in XML-RPC for PHP and PEAR XML_RPC as the result of a security audit by the Hardened-PHP Project. The group said it decided to carry out its own audit after other flaws were disclosed in the two libraries earlier this summer.

Execute PHP 5 From Perl and Perl From PHP 5

Wow, this is cool. And rather useful. At the moment Classcaster is running a mix of PHP and Perl that is getting difficult to manage. This may provide a solution.

Bricolage Now has PHP 5 Templating
Now anyone can natively execute PHP 5 code from a Perl application. Not only that, but the PHP 5 code can reach back into the Perl interpreter to use Perl modules and objects!