HP Reselling MySQL

Following on the heels of Novell and Dell, more vendor support for MySQL

HP now selling MySQL Network – Computerworld
Hewlett-Packard Co. is now reselling support services for MySQL AB’s open-source database, an HP spokeswoman has confirmed.

Law Lists Is No More

I remember Law Lists, put out by Lyonette Louis-Jacques, now at the U of Chicago Law School Library. Sad to see it go, but then I also remember when there was a list of all the known websites in the world…


RSS 3.0 Lite?

First Atom, now this. Quite the exciting week in feed land. Maybe I’ll write up a spec over the weekend, something like RSS 2/3.1. I wonder how to get Eweek to report it as if it were news? Anyway, I wonder what Dave will have to say?

Lightweight Version of RSS Released
Shouldering past the community fear and loathing over Microsoft’s supposed plans to co-opt and rename its first implementation of the Web publishing technology, RSS editor Jonathan Avidan released a third, fully XML version of RSS for review and comment on Thursday.

The RSS (Really Simply Syndication) 3 specification aims to fix perceived problems of inadequate documentation and “lack of concern towards modern necessities” in RSS 2.0.

MySQL’s MaxDB: If You Need A ‘Real’ DB

freshmeat.net: Project details for MaxDB by MySQL
MaxDB is a re-branded and enhanced version of SAP DB, SAP AG’s open source database. It is a heavy-duty, SAP-certified open source database that offers high availability, scalability and a comprehensive feature set. MaxDB complements the MySQL database server, targeted for large mySAP ERP environments and other applications that require maximum enterprise-level database functionality. It is available for a wide range of platforms, including Linux on several different architectures and Windows.

Atom Becomes A ‘Proosed Standard’

The text of the new standard is here.

IETF Signs Off on Atom
Rising above the bickering of competing syndication format loyalists, the IETF on Wednesday approved the Atom 1.0 data format as a “proposed standard.”

Locking Down Linux Boxen

Good article that serves as a reminder of how relatively easy basic security is on a Linux box. Generally speaking if you limit local logins to a Linux box, you can prevent the vast majority of known exploits.

Linux.com | Limiting Linux logins

Top 10 CSS References List

Slashdot | 10 Best Resources for CSS
Since one could have noticed an increasing number of websites that are employing CSS and an increasing number of resources talking about how great CSS is, it seems to become impossible not to jump on the CSS bandwagon as well. The 10 Best Resources for CSS provides an impressive list of the CSS resources which have recently become essential for web-developers. Among them – CSSZenGarden, The Web Developer’s Handbook, Stylegala, PositionIsEverything etc.

Google Slows Down Digital Library Plans

This is one of the more reasoned reactions to the news that Google is slowing down its digital library plans in the face of complaints from copyright holders. Turns out the folks holding copyrights on works in those university libraries area bit skittish about having their works scanned by Google.

John Robb’s Weblog: Google vs. Publishers
This battle has major repercussions. So far, it is being characterized as the classic x vs. y, that the media likes so much. It is more nuanced than that. It’s my understanding that Google is going to digitize and index all works, including copyrighted works not specifically excluded by the rights owners. If a work is copyrighted, Google will only display a short snippet and a link to a book store (or perhaps local library) where you can buy/borrow it. This is hardly “posting the work to the Internet,” and more like an upgrade to the Dewey decimal system.

Novell Announces New Product Lifecycle Policy

The new policy gives 7 year support lifecycles to Novell’s OS products including SuSE Linux Enterprise Server.

NOVELL: Product Support Lifecycle
Novell’s Product Support Lifecycle provides consistent and predictable support availability guidelines, allowing you to effectively plan and manage your support needs. This lifecycle model took effect on 3 August 2005 and applies to most products currently available on Novell’s price list. To verify the lifecycle dates for a specific product, search in the “support status by product” tool on the right column of this page.

OPML Community Server Release on the horizon?

I hope to see this soon. We’ve been thinking about the impact of shared outlines on legal education. Can you say virtual study groups? It is not hard to imagine law students finding the OPML Outliner very useful and adding a CALI sponsored community server into the mix is a good thing:)

The OPML Community Server, the blogging software, membership system, file system back-end and directory displayer. The goal here is to make it fairly painless to set up and administer.