CODEC Vegas Cancelled, NYC Still On

CODEC – CODEC Vegas Cancelled – Meet in NY or Chicago in June
The March 21 CODEC Strategy Workshop in Las Vegas is CANCELLED. I only got one person who could make it. I suspeect that a combination of spring break west coast air fares are to blame.

The CODEC Strategy Workshop in New York at NYLS is still on and I have heard from at least 20 people who will be attending!

DOJ Goes With WordPerfect 12

BetaNews | DOJ Drops Microsoft Office for Corel
Corel has won a 50,000 seat contract with the United States Department of Justice (DOJ) to license its WordPerfect Office 12 suite. Corel is crediting the “flexible” terms of its enterprise licensing program and the strength of its feature set as the primary reasons for overcoming objections and closing the sale.

Man, now what are law schools gonna do? If DOJ is uccessful in rolling this out it would change the landscape of documents in the legal world. It means federal courts would continue to use Wordperfect and certainly influence the decisions that are made in law firms.

Bring an Aterisk PBX Home!

Kerry Garrison – Building your own PBX
What would it mean to you to have your own full-featured PBX system at your home or small office? What would it mean to you if you could build an entire PBX system (minus the phones) on hardware you probably have laying around, AND that it can probably also save you money on your phone bill? Sounds too hard to believe doesn’t it, but using old hardware and some open source software, you really can build a commercial quality phone system that would normally cost thousands of dollars.

Very rah-rah and very true, but this article skirts some of the serious config and setup issues that go with building an Asterisk PBX. Using Asterisk in your house requires a bit more to it than the article states.

Phishers Using DNS Wildcards to Fake URLs

Netcraft: Phishers Use Wildcard DNS to Build Convincing Bait URLs
The phishers use a wildcard DNS setting at a third-party redirection service ( to construct the URLS. The wildcard allows the display of URLs beginning with “,” which is followed by a portion of the URL which is encoded to obscure the actual destination domain.

The redirector at forwards to a Barclays spoof site hosted at in Moscow. The spoof loads a page from the actual Barclays site, and then launches a data collection form in a pop-up window from the Russian server.

This is bad and I’m sure we’ll see more of this in the weeks to come. The downside here is that phishers may drive legitimate business from the web.

Google Desktop Search Exits Beta

InfoWorld: Google updates desktop search tool: March 07, 2005: By : APPLICATIONS : DATA_MANAGEMENT
Google is set to launch on Monday an updated version of its desktop search tool whose enhancements include the ability to search the full text of Adobe Systems PDF files and the metadata of multimedia files, a Google executive said…

Other improvements in the Google desktop tool, which is free, are support for the Mozilla Foundation’s Firefox browser and Thunderbird e-mail application and for America Online’s Netscape browser and e-mail application. Previously, the product supported only Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser and Outlook and Outlook Express e-mail applications.

The addition of Mozilla and Netscape mail and web cache are great. It also picks up metadata from images, music and video and the content of PDFs. You can grab your copy here. Project details for PurpleView Project details for PurpleView
PurpleView is a paper review system that was designed to help distributed project development. It serves as a collection of materials relevant to a field of interest, and its review capability allows users to distinguish good and relevant items from bad and irrelevant items. Submission of papers in different Categories and Platforms aids their systematization. The sorting and searching features facilitate powerful and expedient data examination. It incorporates discussion forums for each item, notifications and message boards, and features security logins and automated database backups that assure the system’s accountability and availability.

Get IMAP Mail as an RSS Feed Project details for imap2rss.php
imap2rss.php is a program that exports the contents of an IMAP folder as an RSS feed. It reads the folder in real-time and has support for multi-part MIME messages and permalinks.

OK, so we take the email destined to webmaster and make it a feed. From there we all look at feed and respond to the messages as appropriate.

Dave’s Looking For Podcasting Opportunities

Scripting News: 3/5/2005
With so many others starting up, why not offer your services to the best of them? People with a real chance of success in the market, as it gets more competitive, as it heats up.

Note to self, drop an email to Dave…

Red Hat Exec Takes Over OSI Helm

Slashdot | Red Hat Exec Takes Over Open Source Initiative
CNet reports that Michael Tiemann, vice president of open-source affairs at Linux seller Red Hat and an OSI board member, has taken over from Russell Nelson as president pro tem. ‘We thought that Michael would be a better president’ Nelson said of the change, declining to share further details. Nelson will remain a board member and active in the group, he said.

MSFT Gets Real on Podcasting

Microsoft-centric Podcasts…
Stick this stuff in your portable media player and play it!

Mike Hall is doing a series of audio shows interviewing employees at Microsoft (all around Mobile and Embedded. First is with Balz Weiss, talking about voice over IP (VoIP).

Channel 9 has been using enclosures to pump out lots of good video, but until now everything has been in Windows video. Now we’re seeing MP3s.