Mozilla Suite Comes to End of the Line

Mozilla Drops Development of Namesake Suite
The Mozilla Foundation late on Thursday reversed course by announcing that it is no longer planning to develop major updates to its original application suite.

Instead, the open-source project will focus its efforts on its stand-alone Firefox Web browser and Thunderbird e-mail client, the foundation said in a “transition plan” posted to its Web site.”

Greetings from the Future of Law Libraries Symposium

We get under way in about 30 minutes.  I’m going to be trying something different, making audio posts from time to time since I’m not sure if we’ll have always on net access.  Click here for an audio update on the symposium.  I’m using a prototype of a new CALI service called ClassCaster to do the posting.  Look for new ClassCaster postings to follow along and excuse the audio quality, I’m still tuning it:)

LexisNexis Says Consumer Data Stolen

Internet News Article |
Data broker LexisNexis on Wednesday said that identity thieves have gained access to profiles of 32,000 U.S. citizens, prompting calls for better consumer protections after a rash of similar break-ins.

The U.S. Secret Service said it is investigating the incident, while a company spokeswoman said the FBI has also launched an investigation.

According to the report the theft occured from it recently acquired Seisint unit.

SXSW MP3 Torrent

Scripting News: 3/8/2005
Wired News: “For many years SXSW has provided on its website a library of free MP3s of bands participating in the conference. This year, the festival is making it even easier to listen by providing a huge BitTorrent file (2.6 GB) of more than 750 songs.” This is excellent for at least three reasons. 1. It’s great to get all this music. Not clear what terms it’s being offered under, though. Can it be used in podcasts? That’s pretty important. 2. It’s a non-infringing use of BitTorrent, thus helping assure BT’s future. 3. It’s something that a lot of people will download so the download rate should be very good. It’ll be interesting to see how high it goes.

There are a couple of things worth noting here. Dave’s analysis of why this is a Good Thing is spot on. P2P things like BitTorrent do have legit uses that often get lost in the screaming about piracy. I managed to download the file in less than 3 hours on Tuesday night over my Comcast cable connection. That’s right 2.4 gigabytes in less than 3 hours on a cable modem. That’s broadband and BitTorent for ya.

BTW, using BT to d/l 2.4 gig in < 3 hrs means that d/l DVD quality movies and TV shows is feasible, though I'd need to get that terabyte array online:)

SuSE 9.3 to Have Desktop Search

SuSE Linux gets desktop search – ZDNet UK News
"SuSE Linux Professional 9.3 will include Beagle, an open source desktop search tool that makes it easier for users to find various types of files, including documents, emails, IM conversations and code. Novell claims to be the first Linux provider to have packaged Beagle into its desktop application.

"For the first time anywhere SUSE Linux Pro includes Beagle, the innovative open source desktop search tool that can access everything on your desktop," Novell said in a statement."

SUSE 9.3 Pro is due out momentarily.

Halo_Radio: Web-enabled MP3 Streamer Project details for halo_radio
halo_radio is a package for running a streaming MP3 radio station. A usable Web interface, a backend Icecast source daemon, a utility script for populating a MySQL database with your songs, and other clients are included. The Web interface features informational functions, user management features, and search and request functionality. The source daemon can encode multiple bitrates and features an automatic playlist feature that will randomly select songs based on historical user data.

I need something like this to adopt a webcasting module for ClassCaster.

CODEC Vegas Cancelled, NYC Still On

CODEC – CODEC Vegas Cancelled – Meet in NY or Chicago in June
The March 21 CODEC Strategy Workshop in Las Vegas is CANCELLED. I only got one person who could make it. I suspeect that a combination of spring break west coast air fares are to blame.

The CODEC Strategy Workshop in New York at NYLS is still on and I have heard from at least 20 people who will be attending!