Library Circulates iPod Shuffles

Library Stuff – iPod Shuffles @ Your Library
:Booker from The Centered Librarian notes that the South Huntington Public Library (here on Long Island) has started to circulate iPod Shuffles to audio books preloaded in them.”

This is not so surprising when one notes that the iPod Shuffle homepage says “Play MP3, AAC and audiobooks” right there in the features.

New Flaw in IE6

Microsoft Confirms IE Phishing Flaw
“Software engineers at Microsoft Corp.’s security research team have confirmed the existence of a bug in the Internet Explorer browser that opens the door to URL spoofing attacks.
The flaw, which has been widely reported on public mailing lists, can be exploited by a malicious attacker to spoof the URL of a pop-up advertisement and has been confirmed on a fully patched system with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2.”

XML-RPC Bounties

[teknoids] Bounty for XML-RPC implementations (LONG)

I thought I’d try this as a way to stir up any developers out there in teknoids land and get some needed reference implementations to help folks use the CALI web services API.

New, Less Expensive iPods.

Apple Refreshes iPod Mini and Photo
“Apple updated their iPod lineup today. They added a $249 6GB iPod Mini and reduced the price of the 4GB model to $199. They’ve also dropped the gold color from their line up and made the remaining three colors more vibrant. The “silver” iPod Mini remains unchanged – it still matches the aluminum used in Apple’s other products.”