Education Outrage: Pragmatic Learning: It’s not “fun”

Are games fun? This is an important question for people in training because not only animation but now “gamification” is a new trend. But are “games” fun? Winning is fun. Interacting with others with whom you are playing can be fun. Games can be entertaining and sometime they are fun, but when we think about making training more effective, we need to think less about having fun and more about what it means to learn.

Source: Education Outrage: Pragmatic Learning: It’s not “fun”

Getty Scholars’ Workspace: A Drupal-based platform for collaborative research |

Built on Drupal, the Getty Institute’s Getty Scholars’ Workspace provides a platform for art historians, and researchers in similar fields, to work collaboratively on multiple projects without having to use several different platforms.

A Drupal-based platform for collaborative research |

The platform includes scholar friendly features like importing Zotero files to create bibliographies and collaboration tools like forums and shared documents. If course it is Drupal so it’ll take some take configuration to get it going. With checking out.

Online Course Report lists 50 most popular MOOCs of all time

Unlike regular college/ university courses, MOOCs can attract many thousands of enrollees around the world. They can come in the form of active course sessions with participant interaction, or as archived content for self-paced study. MOOCs can be free, or there can be a charge – either on a subscription basis or a one-time charge. Free MOOCs sometimes have a paid “verified certificate” option.

— The 50 Most Popular MOOCs of All Time

A good list, but be sure to read the caveats at the beginning and end.