Syracuse Law receives waiver from ABA to offer first accredited online JD

Syracuse University College of Law’s Online J.D. program is the first real-time, ABA-approved online juris doctor program in the United States.

The Online J.D. | The first fully interactive online J.D.

Syracuse Law is my alma mater, and they’ve been working hard to get this waiver. This is a great step forward for legal education as it finally gets a much needed blast of innovation.

St. John’s Law Highlights Blogging Faculty

St. John’s is home to a dedicated faculty of engaging teachers and accomplished scholars. In the classroom, they foster our students’ analytical ability and practical skills. Outside the classroom, many of our professors are outstanding researchers and thought leaders who have “written the book” in their areas of interest and expertise.

A little over a year ago, the Law School launched the Faculty Scholarship Blog to showcase faculty activities and achievements, including their books and articles, speaking engagements, and media appearances. Produced and regularly updated by Professor Janai S. Nelson − the Law School’s Associate Dean for Faculty Scholarship − and Professor Jeff Sovern, the blog offers a detailed snapshot of the faculty’s timely and important work.

via St. John’s Law Bloggers Offer Virtual Tour of Today’s Legal Landscape.

It’s great to see a law school acknowledge faculty who blog and highlight the areas they are blogging in. This sort of thing will help make writing for a blog or website more acceptable as a form of scholarly writing. Certainly not every utterance that lands on the Internet is scholarly, but we are moving to a place where well thought out and researched articles on a blog or website are going to be considered scholarly products alongside more traditionally published law review articles. And that is a Good Thing.


MC Law Launches Deans Database

This site provides information about law school deans.  Ever wondered who is the longest serving dean?  Which current dean has held the most deanships?  How many deans were former law professors or judges?  What schools a dean attended?  Who were the former deans at a particular law school?
The RDD is designed to answer these questions and to provide information to those who take an interest in law school deanships.  This database may be used by dean search committees, university officials, or members of the public and is available without charge.

via Rosenblatt’s Deans Database.

Rosenblatt’s Deans Database (RDD) a new and interesting resource for those interested in keeping up with the world of Law School Deans. It aims to provide profiles of current deans as well as historical data for each law school. Data is provided by the law schools. I hope it stays up to date since it is kind of handy to have all that data in one place.