Spot API is an issue spotter making use of NSMIv2 and built upon Learned Hands data

Spot is an NSMIv2 entity/issue spotter built by Suffolk University’s Legal Innovation and Technology (LIT) Lab. Spot builds upon data from the Learned Hands online game, a partnership between the LIT Lab and Stanford’s Legal Design Lab. Learned Hands aims to crowdsource the labeling of laypeople’s legal questions for the training of machine learning (ML) classifiers/issue spotters.

Source: Spot API Performance

In a nut shell you send a legal question and it returns a set of NSMIv2 tags. One could then use the those tags to link to resources that are using NSMI to tag/classify data. One catch here is that it is not clear how many public websites are using NSMI to tag content.

Drexel Law Prof. Michael Poulshock is using Gituhub to manage materials for Spring 2018 Legal Decision Technology course

This popped up on my Github feed recently. Looks like Prof. Michael Poulshock is taking a shot at using Github to manage materials for his Legal Decision Technology course being taught in the Spring 2018 semester at Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law. The course itself looks pretty interesting, according to the syllabus:

This course explores how legal decision technology can be used to expand public access to legal information. Students will learn about cutting edge legal decision technologies, hone their statutory interpretation skills, and build interactive apps that answer specific legal questions.  This is a hands-on, lab-style class, but no prior programming experience is required.

The course is going to make use of tool called Oracle Policy Modeling which I had not heard of before but seems interesting. Heck, I’m even going to download a copy and take it for a spin.

Always great to see law professors taking advantage of interesting tool in the courses they teach. Maybe Prof. Poulshock will head to CALIcon18 in June to talk about the course and how it went.

The Github repo is at