Progressive Web App plugin for WordPress under development with eye toward core integration

WordPress feature plugin to bring Progressive Web App (PWA) capabilities to Core…
The plugin exposes the web app manifest via the REST API at /wp-json/app/v1/web-manifest

HTTPS is a prerequisite for progressive web apps. A service worker is only able to be installed on sites that are served as HTTPS. For this reason core’s support for HTTPS needs to be further improved, continuing the great progress made over the past few years.

Source: PWA ::

This is an interesting development. If successful including this functionality into WP Core would turn every WordPress site into an app. That would be fun.

VersionPress Brings the Power of Git to WordPress

One of the best things about WordPress is how easy it is to make sweeping changes to a website in just a few minutes. But with no easy way to revert a website to a previous state, you can lose a lot of work very quickly if you aren’t careful. VersionPress brings the power of Git to WordPress so you can make as many changes as your want with the knowledge that undoing any change is just a click away.

Source: Setting Up VersionPress for Git-Powered WordPress Version Control – WPMU DEV

Appears to work for both content and backend changes which would be handy. Not sure how it would work on large multisite installs like Classcaster or Lawbooks.

15+ Must-Have Tools For Every WordPress Admin – WPMU DEV.

The WordPress ecosystem is as colorful and varied as it is large. From the smallest personal blogs to directories of impressive size and complexity, the full spectrum is indeed a diverse one indeed.
Managing our site can be a hassle, though, especially as they become more and more complex. Luckily there are great tools that can help us in our daily administrative tasks.

25 Useful Plugins for WordPress Multisite Networks

There’s always a lot of discussion on the WPMU DEV forums about this very topic, so I asked our support crew and developers what plugins they recommend people install on their network.
Whether you’re new to running a Multisite network or have been hosting your own network for some time, you’re sure to find many of the plugins below (in no particularly order) useful for managing your sites.

via 25 Must-Have Plugins for WordPress Multisite Networks – WPMU DEV.

If you’re running a multisite WordPress install this list of plugins is a pretty good place to start in the search for the right mix of features to run the network smoothly and provide useful options to your bloggers. We use many of these plugins on Classcaster, the free podcasting and blogging network for CALI members.