Twilio open sources Android, iOS, React apps to speed development of video collaboration solutions

Get a head start on your video app development with three new Twilio open sourced video collaboration applications for iOS, Android, and ReactJS for the Web.

Source: Deploy your own video collaboration app in five minutes or less

Lots of interesting potential here. Requires use of Twilio Programmable Video which is not cost free. For CALI potential uses would include adding a live video component to LessonLive for use in distance ed and adding the ability to talk to a lawyer or court official in A2J Guided Interviews.

You don’t need new HDMI cables for Dolby Vision HDR – CNET

Any HDMI cable you’ve bought in the last few years is likely to be of the High Speed variety. This unfortunate name describes cables that can handle 1080p video and above. Chances are these cables will work for 4K and even 4K HDR. They are, essentially, a dumb pipe.

You don’t need “special” HDMI cables to transmit HDR content. You just need a big enough pipe to handle the data. Over short distances, say six feet or around 2 meters, most cables will be fine. For longer distances the cable has to be a bit better made in order to work. But “better made” doesn’t have to mean “expensive.”

You don’t need new HDMI cables for Dolby Vision HDR – CNET

Definitely don’t fall for the special cable thing. I’m using cables that I picked up for a few bucks a piece at Tuesday Morning a couple of years ago to wire up my 4K gear and they’re fine.