Podcast Hosting with WordPress: Your Advanced Guide | Barn2 Media

Setting up your own podcast hosting isn’t as difficult as it sounds. Our step-by-step guide covers all you need to know to quickly set up your own self-hosted podcast library on a WordPress website, measure your podcast’s success and submit it to iTunes.

Source: Podcast Hosting with WordPress: Your Advanced Guide | Barn2 Media

Podcasting is easier than ever with WordPress and this is a pretty good guide to get you started.

Open Educational Resources at UW-Madison – Medium

In 2015, LSS conducted a pilot test of Pressbooks (an open-source book publishing tool built upon the popular WordPress CMS) for creating OER in the College of Letters & Science in Fall 2015. The pilot was a success, and in January 2016, I wrote to Unizin (a consortium of several public research universities that UW-Madison belongs to) to see whether they’d be willing to host instances of Pressbooks (and some additional plugins) for their members schools. Unizin agreed to our proposal and after a brief testing period with UW-Madison, Ohio State University, and the University of Minnesota, Unizin began hosting a full production instance of Pressbooks for UW-Madison on August 1, 2016. Our small but growing catalog of openly licensed texts developed and published by UW affiliates can be found at https://wisc.pb.unizin.org/.

Source: Open Educational Resources at UW-Madison – Medium

The Ultimate WordPress Development Environment – wpmudev

Over the past couple of years, I’ve written loads of tutorials here on the WPMU DEV Blog in which I share tidbits about the development environments I use. So today, I thought it’s about time I share a full environment, the kind I would put together and use for larger scale development. Roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands dirty! Because below is a full walkthrough of the kind of development environment I set up, and how you do can it, too.

Source: The Ultimate WordPress Development Environment – wpmudev

VersionPress Brings the Power of Git to WordPress

One of the best things about WordPress is how easy it is to make sweeping changes to a website in just a few minutes. But with no easy way to revert a website to a previous state, you can lose a lot of work very quickly if you aren’t careful. VersionPress brings the power of Git to WordPress so you can make as many changes as your want with the knowledge that undoing any change is just a click away.

Source: Setting Up VersionPress for Git-Powered WordPress Version Control – WPMU DEV

Appears to work for both content and backend changes which would be handy. Not sure how it would work on large multisite installs like Classcaster or Lawbooks.