Consuming MapPoint Web Service in PHP

MapPoint Developer Center: MapPoint Web Service Technical Articles: Consuming MapPoint Web Service in PHP
Learn how to consume MapPoint Web Service by using PHP and the NuSoap toolkit. This article is accompanied by sample code that illustrates how to implement a simple proximity-locator application.

The sample code looks pretty straight forward. Of course MapPoint costs money to use…

Online IP Courses


WIPO is offering free online courses starting next week in what lawyers like to call “intellectual property

CALI has thought of doing this sort of thing, but as a serious of lessons, not so much as a complete course.

Virtual Hosting for Apache 2.x Project details for mod_vhs
mod_vhs is an Apache 2.0 Web server module allowing mass virtual hosting without the need for file-based configuration. The virtual host paths are translated from any database supported by libhome at request time from MySQL, LDAP, PAM, or a system password file.

This may be of use for Harolds little project:)