First Podcast Driven Radio Station

Infinity Set To Debut First Podcasting Radio Station
Beginning today, users will be able to upload podcasts of varying lengths for free at where it will be eligible to be selected for broadcast. Programming on the station will be determined by listener interests and feedback, and evaluated on a daily basis.

Picked this up via Scripting News. Sounds like a neat idea, but it could get a little scary:) The site mentioned right now is a little bare, but it does invite you to upload your podcasts. I couldn’t find any public information about copyright, royalties to podcasters, etc. so there is no way of telling what happens when you upload your stuff. The general terms of use of site are pretty standard, but I wonder, if I upload something, do I lose control of it? Am I signing over copyright? Do I get royalties? Should I just be happy that I’m geting ‘air time’? I’m sure a big opreation like Infinity has thought these things out. It would be nice to share.