Putting Needles in a Haystack

Haystack will allow us to deliver very robust storage solutions for users at a very low marginal cost.

Forward Looking Statements: More on Haystack

Haystack is the storage technology that backs allyoucanupload, a new venture from CNet.  It uses commodity hardware, including 400 gb SATA drives, and software to power a cutting edge object storage and replication system. 

I am fascinated by the movement away from tradational data storage schemes to more open, commodity based solutions that actually scale quickly and effectively. 

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If You're Looking for a CMS…

It seems as if everyone is a Web publisher today — from the habitual bloggers and online diarists to the companies running major news outlets, portals, and magazines — and they’re all using some kind of database-backed content management system (CMS) to do it. There are a lot of CMS choices — Drupal, Mambo, Bricolage, WordPress, and Plone are some of the most recognizable names. While they all perform the same basic functions, you have to pick only one. How do you do it?

NewsForge | Choosing an open source CMS

This article, while short, mahages to cram in am entio of most major open source CMS packages.  Worth the read.

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