Flash + AJAX = Fjax

Developers Jay and Steve McDonald have come up with a solution to this problem, and it’s called Fjax. Fjax works a whole lot like Ajax — it uses an XML file to pass data to a browser — except that it uses a tiny bit of Flash, instead of the browser, to parse the XML. All of that browser-specific code is eliminated, leaving the application more lightweight and putting less of a strain on the browser.

Webmonkey Q&A: Fjax

This looks pretty cool…

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Law Schools Getting Blogging Bug?

University of Wisconsin Law School professors Stewart Macaulay and Beth Mertz join Robert Nelson, the Director of the American Bar Foundation, as guest bloggers on the Empirical Legal Studies Blog for the week of June 19, 2006. The blog can be found at www.elsblog.org.

University of Wisconsin Law School – News

This is interesting because U of Wisc considers a guest blogging gig as press release worthy.  The tone of the release implies that this is serious scholarship type stuff going on and that is a significant change in attitude.

CALI really needs to do more to encourage these sorts of releases when we add faculty authors and podcasters to our programmers.  I think the success of upcoming eLangdell projects will hinge on this sort ofbuy-in from schools.

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