Adobe Launches New Ebook Reader/Manager

oday at Adobe MAX in Las Vegas, Adobe announced a pre-release beta of its latest ebook product, Digital Editions.Digital Editions will be offered initially as a free Windows download of the e-book reader software, which keeps ebooks organized and accessible. Adobe says it eventually plans to support Macintosh, Linux, and a host of portable device platforms. Version 1.0 is slated for release in early 2007, Adobe says. The Digital Editions will be rights-managed by Adobe and openable in the client software but not Adobe Reader, says Bill McCoy, general manager of the ePublishing Business Unit.

Adobe Makes New e-book Push

 The article does actually say “iTunes for e-books” at one point.  Lots of DRM is involved, but it will open any PDF or Open eBook file. 

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Google Custom Search Engines

Google just launched a customized search service called Google Co-op (screen shots below). Co-op allows a user to create and launch a search engine with just a few specific websites included. Searches will return results from only that website.

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I’m all over this:)  I added a CSE for law schools at Learnthelaw.  I’m sure it will be quite useful for all of those interested in attending law school.  I’ll add one at CALI too just as soon as I figure out where it should live.

The great thing about this Google offering is that it really works.  Unlike other custom engines, there is no apparent limit to the number of sites you can add to your CSE.

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