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Fedora 7 Hits the Streets With VM, Appliance Capabilities

The Fedora Project today announced that the latest version of its distribution, Fedora 7, is now available. The Fedora Project provides the best of next-generation open source technologies and, in its latest version, features a new build capacity that allows for the creation of custom distributions. Fedora 7 now offers a completely open source build process that greatly simplifies the creation of appliances that can be targeted to meet individual needs.
“Fedora 7 development has focused on improving the manner in which all Fedora releases will be made,” said Max Spevack, Fedora Project Leader at Red Hat. “Beyond the usual set of upstream changes and improvements, our latest release is by far the most exciting and flexible to date. With our new open source build process, our community of contributors will enjoy much greater influence and authority in advancing Fedora. The ability to create appliances to suit very particular user needs is incredibly powerful.”
Fedora 7 provides the first appliance development platform that is 100 percent open source with an entirely free distribution build toolchain. The Fedora 7 source code is hosted in a public version control system, the RPMs are built on an external build system and the distributions are built with an external, open source compose tool that allows access by the entire Fedora community.

Linux Today – First Open Source Appliance Development Stack Builder Now Available in Fedora 7

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New Facebook API Provides Great Opportunity

Facebook Developers | Documentation

The Facebook Platform is a standards-based web service with methods for accessing and contributing Facebook data. We’ve made the methods as easy to understand as possible, and included full documentation to help you learn more.

Given the ongoing popularity of FB, would it make sense to integrate FB features into CALI?  Perhaps FB could provide the groundwork for some of our social apps.

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Good Review of Ubuntu…at!!!

Maybe it’s time to consider Linux — or rather a Linux. There are more than a few flavors of this Unix-like open-source operating system in circulation these days (about 300, by one count). One of the commercially backed Linux distributions, Ubuntu, has become something of a darling of the OSS crowd, and it’s well worth a look. There’s a lot to like in the latest version of Ubuntu — and a few things to watch out for from an enterprise perspective.

Legal Technology – Is Ubuntu the Linux OS for Law Firms?

Well, there you go.  Seems even lawyers may yet get on the Linux bandwagon.  And what a bout law schools?  Anyone for a Linux-based lab?   What if law firms start to use more Linux?  Will law schools follow suit?

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