Zentation Launches Web-based Video, Powerpoint Mashup

Zentation.com – where Video and PowerPoint meet on the Web

Zentation offers the richest media on the web for video and presentations. Zentation provides a way to synchronize video uploaded to Google Video with your PowerPoint. Zentation’s patent pending technology allows for the easy synchronization of your video and graphics without any technical knowledge.

In a nutshell, upload you’re video to Google, your .ppt stack to Zentation and use their tools to sync the 2 sources.  Yes, you do need to watch the whole video and insert the slides at the appropriate spot.  The result is similar or the output of Microsoft Producer or Anystream Apreso but it does solve the hosting issue.

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eWeek Lists of Important Open Source Apps

The Most Important Open-Source Apps of All Time

eWEEK Labs names the applications that have moved open-source technologies from corporate curiosities to integral enterprise tools.

This a pretty good list, rounded by suggestions from eWeek readers.  Taken together, these lists demonstrate the power and versatility of Open Source software today.  It would be perfectly reasonable to build an IT infrastructure of any size using just OS software, saving considerable money on licensing fees and gaining the flexibility of having direct access to the source code for the applications.

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