Fred Wilson Imagines Drupal Organic Groups

And that sounds right to me in the groups market. Charlie says the least common denominator in the groups market are these three functions:

1. A customizable site to call their own, even if it just has information as to what the group does and how to sign up.
2. A way to communicate internally, via a one-way or two-way listserv, depending on the group.
3. A way to do RSVPs for events.

So using the less is more mantra, someone should build just that, make it drop dead simple, and then build the killer API that lets everyone build on top of that. It may be that the big social nets are in the best spot to do that. Or maybe not.

A VC: Thinking About Groups

Yep, it sure sounds a lot like OG for Drupal.  In fact it sounds a lot like what I’m building right now to allow faculty and students at law schools to come together and form ad hoc groups around classes, ideas, scholarship, organizations, etc. 

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