6 More GA Banks Fail, 16 So Far in 09, 64 Nationwide

Regulators on Friday shut six banks in Georgia and a small bank in New York state, raising to 64 the number of federally insured banks to fail this year.
The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. was appointed receiver of the banks: six bank subsidiaries of Security Bank Corp., based in Macon, Ga.; and Waterford Village Bank of Clarence, N.Y.
The six Security banks had a total of 20 branches, which will reopen during normal business hours starting Saturday as branches of State Bank and Trust, the FDIC said.
They are: Security Bank of Bibb County, based in Macon; Security Bank of Houston County, based in Perry; Security Bank of Jones County, based in Gray; Security Bank of Gwinnett County, based in Suwanee; Security Bank of North Metro, based in Woodstock; and Security Bank of North Fulton, based in Alpharetta.

via 6 More Georgia Banks Shut Down – News Story – WSB Atlanta.

The only thing that surprises me is that we haven’t seen any actual runs on the banks.

links for 2009-07-24

  • Gigya Socialize provides a single API that aggregates authentication and social APIs from Facebook Connect, MySpace ID, Twitter, and OpenID webmail providers including Google, Yahoo, and AOL. The Gigya module for Drupal is fully configurable, requiring little time to install.
  • This module pulls together the techniques Jeff Eaton outlined in http://www.lullabot.com/articles/photo-galleries-views-attach to automatically create a simple gallery where each gallery is a node with an embedded view of images that were assigned to that gallery. The module creates the content types, sets up the imagecache presets, creates the default gallery view that is embedded into the gallery nodes by Views Attach, and adds css to make it all look nice.
  • This document shows how RSS 2.0's <cloud> element can be used to connect a small Twitter-like network of people and 140-character status messages.

Twitter Live Search Widget Released, Is Way Cool.

The widget, found here, allows you to enter any search query, along with a title and a caption. The widget will then be built next to the input fields so you can see what it looks like. You can also edit its color and dimensions. If you like it, you simply grab the code and put it on a webpage. From there, it will continuously update in real-time with new results from the query you set.

via Twitter Unveils A Live-Updating Search Widget .

Set this up on Teknoids to try it out using AALL2009 as a relevant search and it works well. The code produced was easily inserted into a Drupal 6 block and added to the site. It will certainly provide an excellent way to leverage twitter on your site.