links for 2009-08-07

  • Sugar is the desktop environment that is used for the "One Laptop per Child" (OLPC) netbooks. It can also be installed on normal computers and even run off of a USB stick (which should have at least 1GB of size). This guide shows how you can install Sugar (the Strawberry release which is based on Fedora 11) on a USB stick.
  • Limits the comments number per node per user. For instance, you can set that you want to allow only 3 comments per user for story node type.
    You can select on which node types the limit will apply.
  • Allow administrators to optionally define Terms & Conditions for each Organic Group, and require that users agree to these conditions in order to access group content.
    (tags: drupal module og)
  • Query-Based Views (Q-Views) provides the Views-like functionality of generating reports or content feeds, but starts the process with a raw SQL query. In Views, the query is constructed through setting up configuration, but in Q-Views you supply the query directly. This can be a more rapid, reasonable solution in some situations. Q-Views is very AJAX-y by default, with ajax-based pagination and searching, which also means rapid browsing through data. Views is much more mature, so it's encouraged that you use Views when you can, but Q-Views can provide a lot of functionality with low configuration overhead when you would normally build a feed or report outside of Views.