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  • Revolution 4, latest from Runtime Revolution
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  • Cases on Distance Delivery and Learning Outcomes: Emerging Trends and Programs provides a firm foundation of best practices for distance course delivery and learning outcomes in order to discuss the rapid developments in online education technologies. The cases presented in this reference publication detail best and emerging practices of distance education, issues that develop as distance education grows, and an international perspective on distance education. Discussing such topics as cost and design strategies of distance course design, communication and dealing with student conduct in distance courses, developing distance programs to meet student needs and how to manage the growth of these programs, as well as the use of new technology tools in distance courses, this essential reference publication provides professional developments through a case book for distance education practitioners, administrators, librarians, and students.

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  • Provides a simple API to access payment gateways and process payments as a module hook.
  • This project provides a filefileld extension that supports the upload of files to Scribd and presents the content in an ipaper reader.
  • Widgets is a module that enables a site editor to, on a per node basis, select "widgets" that should be displayed when viewing a node. A "widget" in it's simplest form is just a regular node (page, story etc) but the power of the module is that you can create custom content types (with CCK) to use as "widgets". You could say that Widgets brings the power of the block right into the node edit form.
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