links for 2010-02-26

  • DigiD stands for Digital Identity and is a system shared between cooperating governmental agencies, allowing to digitally authenticate the identity of a person who applies for a transaction service via internet. With increasing numbers of public authority offices implementing the DigiD system, it is easy to begin using their range of electronic services after first choosing your own login code (user's name and password) at In short: DigiD provides users with a personalised login code for the full spectrum of contact with various governmental bodies.
  • Sudo module allows administrators to use the site primarily as a normal user but add permissions to their account as needed for the performance of administrative tasks. Unlike user-switching modules (masquerade, impersonate user, devel's switch user), Sudo accomplishes this by toggling a configurable set of permissions on the current user's account. This is useful not only for testing a site but also on production sites, in cases when it is desirable for administrators to use the site both as a normal user and as an administrator and yet all activity must come from the same account.