Twitter Updates for 2011-09-30

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Twitter Updates for 2011-09-29

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Twitter Updates for 2011-09-28

  • Dewey B Strategic: eBooks: Why are Publishers Pouring Digital Content into 19th Century Wineskins? #
  • @johnpmayer Big ? about Kindle Fire is will it run Android Apps from the Amazon Android store? Or just special apps like the Nook? #
  • They're working on those pesky new delicious issues: The First 20 Hours | AVOS via @addthis #
  • @ProfJonathan Silk's split-browsing not new. Used by Opera, Blackberry, and Palm to improve mobile browsing performance. #
  • #teknoids #

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Kindle Fire: Amazon’s Latest Consumer Point of Sale Terminal

The Kindle Fire seems to have been designed and built not as a tablet, but as a device to read and watch that happens to be a tablet. It has been designed to help Amazons customers buy more in the best way possible it’s that sort of user centric approach that will make it so popular.

Kindle Fire: Developers be Warned – John Nye

Good succinct article that gets to the heart of the matter: Amazon doesn’t sell tablets, Amazon sells stuff and the Kindle Fire and its siblings are designed to help you buy more stuff quickly and efficiently. Sure, the Fire will have access to Android apps from the Amazon App store, however consumers (and developers) will need to keep in mind that it is running a forked version Android 2.1, so some stuff is not going to work as expected. Even though there will always be more powerful, more capable Android tablets on the market, the Fire will find market share as the Android device for the home consumer. Just the thing for using around the house to read books and magazines, watch video, listen to music, perhaps chat with friends, or check your email. I suspect that if your looking for a powerful device for serious business and education use the Kindle Fire may well disappoint. Of course we won’t know until mid-November when it actually appears.

Caught the first and last episodes of the Sopranos this AM on A&E. Still amazing.

Twitter Updates for 2011-09-26

  • At the gate in ATL on the way to a couple of days of @CALIorg meetings in Chicago. #
  • On an Orange Line train to the Loop. Next stop, the @CALIorg mothership. #

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Twitter Updates for 2011-09-23

  • If social media apps were cars, how many would you have in your driveway? And would you be embarrassed by your bike riding neighbor? #
  • New on Elmer's blog: Drawing circles in the sand #
  • On the off chance that anyone's wondering, I dropped Google+, so I'm not there anymore. Waiting for apps version to tie in with work account #
  • @jimmilles I find rather interesting. Waiting for the unmasking of the anonymous "LawProf" behind this. #
  • @richards1000 Thanks for the pointer, excellent article on teaching legal research. #
  • Interesting thread on #teknoids about fair use and scanning casebooks – #
  • Introduction to HTML5 Web Storage #
  • WordPress and Law Libraries | Legal Research Plus #
  • Should those who can't, teach doctrinal law classes? Law Librarian Blog – #
  • @sglassmeyer @glambert @gnawledge @jasnwilsn @KenHirsh Video of meeting is at #
  • #Teknoids thread on getting Mac Lion to print on Windows printer servers. #studentprinting #
  • @sglassmeyer And don't forgot filters. Lots of filters to fill those labels. Filters are great for a clean Inbox. #
  • speak.js: Text-to-Speech on the Web ✩ Mozilla Hacks – the Web developer blog #
  • What if law schools opened their own law firms? #
  • HP kills TouchPad and webOS phones, looks to unload PC business | This is my next… #
  • @montserratlj Many are headed to London for @drupalcon which starts on 8/22. Watch #DrupalCon for updates. #
  • Does Apotheker need an apothecary? Why HP is exiting the PC business #
  • If life is easy you aren't trying hard enough. #
  • Interesting. Do y'all follow links in the tweets of folks you follow? Just found a follower using scraped law stories to anchor spam farm. #
  • twitter told I had 8 followers who also followed the spammer. How carefully do you check folks before hitting the follow button? #
  • Much of this seems obvious, but is often overlooked – How to Create the Perfect Landing Page via @zheller #
  • Amazon adds in-memory caching to its cloud, based on open source Memcached – #
  • @richards1000 @cleincolorado Just links to 10th Circuit site for PDFs. Cool part is summaries of 10th Circuit and CO state court opinions. #
  • Tuesday, August 23, 2011 at 01:51:03 PM – Magnitude 5.9 – VIRGINIA 83 mi SW of Washington DC #
  • Aha, relevant #earthquake info: Apparently Amazon's VA datacenter, home to @CALIorg websites, is less than 100 from epicenter. Still ticking #
  • Addressing the Justice Gap: [put unemployed lawyers to work providing legal services to the poor and middle class.] #
  • RT @digibookworld: Breaking it Down: the ePub 3 Spec ##dbw #
  • 7 Things I Learned from the First Blogger: Altucher Confidential #
  • Rob "CmdrTaco" Malda Resigns From Slashdot – Slashdot [truly the end of an era.] #
  • Universities Band Together to Join 'Orphan Works' Project | Emory University [making works available locally only] #
  • One View on the Most Useful Courses in Law School – Law Blog – WSJ #
  • Reminder to east coast #lawschools to use #Classcaster to setup a free offsite blog for storm updates. @CALIorg #
  • Law Librarian Blog: Girls (Strike out that) Law Profs Gone Wild [good summary of the "law school scam" controversy] #
  • Funny how something like internal links and anchors in #ebooks pushes the limiters of some #ereaders Optimized for Tom Clancy, not FRCP. #
  • #teknoids are seeing a LOT of Macs in #lawschool as 1Ls turn up this year, on the order of 75% – 80%. #LSTT #
  • @sglassmeyer I could make a chatroom for you, but it might be lonely. #lstechtalk #
  • BoltJS: Another Secret Piece Of Facebook’s Spartan Puzzle? via @techcrunch #
  • No More Harvard Debt – A recent MBA grad trying to deal w/ 90K+ in debt. It isn't just law students that are borrowing. #
  • IBM developerWorks: Polish the EPUB – Find and Correct Problems in EPUB Files #
  • Released a major update of #LessonLink this AM. Many changes to improve navigation and management. @CALIorg #
  • Amazon Web Services Blog: Elastic Load Balancer SSL Support Options #
  • 10th Circuit upholds Novell's ownership of UNIX copyrights in latest SCO v. Novell appeal. #
  • Currently wondering why it is that I have a calendar… #
  • LessonLink lesson tracking feature for faculty upgraded. | Center for Computer-Assisted Legal Instruction #
  • Morning Edition’s Bob Edwards memoir offered as free ebook #
  • Neat infographic on the evolution of the web and web browsers. Oddly Cello is missing. @trbruce #
  • 896 copies of @CALIorg #eLangdell Federal Rules d/l for free since we made the announcement a few hours ago. #
  • Make that 901. Free Federal Rules flying off the shelf. @CALIorg @LIICornell #
  • Fed Rules ebook d/l counts: FRCP – 402, FRE – 286, FRCrimPro – 217. @CALIorg @LIICornell #eLangdell #openlaw #
  • GROUPON CANCELS IPO ROADSHOW, SEC Wants Answers On Leaked Memo #
  • 3 Geeks and a Law Blog: CALI – Download Federal Rules eBooks (Civil Pro, Criminal Pro & Evidence) #
  • Thomson Reuters moves payroll, HR data to the cloud – Computerworld #
  • Downloads of the @CALIorg @LIICornell Federal Rules ebooks just 2003. Yes, I am excited. Get your copies for free: #
  • 24 hr totals on free Fed Rules: FRCP – 1124, FRE – 781, FRCrimPro – 627, total 2532. @CALIorg @LIICornell #
  • Hey, a cat just leaped on my back! He's reminding me it's lunchtime. #
  • Alexander Gallo Holdings files Chapter 11 – via The company runs court reporting and litigation services companies. #
  • Facebook trapped in MySQL ‘fate worse than death’ #
  • Inside the Law School Scam: Well I could have been in Econ but I wound up here #
  • Hypercasual: when the web gets a little too friendly #
  • How to build a sustainable nonprofit the open source way: via @AddThis #
  • Two Rambus Patents Invalidated By USPTO – Slashdot #
  • Got the .mobi versions of Fed Rules out the door for all you Kindle fans. Yep, they're free too! @CALIorg @LIICornell #
  • Download a preview build of Windows 8 tonight | #
  • Crazy: Android is coming to Intel processors [Yes, official Android support for Intel Atom.] #
  • Oddly enuff, it looks as if #Drupal may actually work as a platform for generating #eLangdell epubs after all. #
  • @jbrauer I use Chrome for Gmail on OS X Lion. Haven't used desktop email client since late last century. #
  • GroundBooth Software, Inc. #
  • @sglassmeyer I really want to have lunch at that truck the next time I'm in Chicago. #
  • @sglassmeyer @jasnwilsn @petermeyers Real indexes in ebooks would be great. But does't that mean someone has to read the WHOLE thing? #
  • Lawyer wants US Marshals to seize copyright troll's bank account #
  • Is Netflix doomed? Remember Krispy Kreme? via @MarketWatch [The Netflix debacle from a different perspective.] #
  • 3 Geeks and a Law Blog: Document Analysis & Generation with Google Docs – Say What? [Pretty interesting stuff.] #
  • $1,279-per-hour, 30,000-core cluster built on Amazon EC2 cloud #
  • watching #OGP proceedings live at #opengov #openlaw #
  • "Pop the data out there, the applications follow." #OGP #lawgov #openlaw #
  • Watching heads of state announce #OGP projects live at #openlaw #opengov #
  • Just announced is a new way to petition the government. It's built on #Drupal in case you were wondering. #OGP #
  • Google+ isn't really open to everyone, despite all the hype. Google Apps accounts still not allowed access: #
  • I do wonder why Flash needs to consume 75-80% of each one of the 2.4 ghz cores on my Mac Book Pro to handle a simple web video stream. #
  • How to run Windows 8 in VirtualBox #
  • “@freegovinfo: New Action Plan for Open Government” Plan doesn't mention US court data which is now more expensive. #
  • @johnpmayer BookRiff has been poking around for a number of years. #
  • @sglassmeyer I often find myself in that sort of situation. What would a proper forum be? #
  • @sglassmeyer And Facebook is like talking loudly in the mall whilst wearing a large "Look at Me!" sign. So that's kinda out. #
  • @sglassmeyer Ah, Old School. Good approach. You have a server (real or virtual) of your own? #
  • @sglassmeyer Well, that would be something to put on your todo list. Always handy to have a bit of cyberspace to call your own. #
  • Origo a 3D printer for everyone | What is Origo? #
  • “@johnpmayer: @sglassmeyer Ooooh – lapel pin is good. Scales of justice?” #
  • FYI: CALI doesn't maintain a "list of multiple choice questions I can use to learn law". Really. I'm not kidding. Try running some Lessons. #

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