Kindle Fire: Amazon’s Latest Consumer Point of Sale Terminal

The Kindle Fire seems to have been designed and built not as a tablet, but as a device to read and watch that happens to be a tablet. It has been designed to help Amazons customers buy more in the best way possible it’s that sort of user centric approach that will make it so popular.

Kindle Fire: Developers be Warned – John Nye

Good succinct article that gets to the heart of the matter: Amazon doesn’t sell tablets, Amazon sells stuff and the Kindle Fire and its siblings are designed to help you buy more stuff quickly and efficiently. Sure, the Fire will have access to Android apps from the Amazon App store, however consumers (and developers) will need to keep in mind that it is running a forked version Android 2.1, so some stuff is not going to work as expected. Even though there will always be more powerful, more capable Android tablets on the market, the Fire will find market share as the Android device for the home consumer. Just the thing for using around the house to read books and magazines, watch video, listen to music, perhaps chat with friends, or check your email. I suspect that if your looking for a powerful device for serious business and education use the Kindle Fire may well disappoint. Of course we won’t know until mid-November when it actually appears.