Twitter Updates for 2011-11-29

  • @trbruce Don't know of any real wikis in Drupal. By ease of authoring, do you mean simple editing, or simple page creation, or both? #
  • @trbruce Drupal's backend doesn't like ad hoc content creation, wiki-style. If you want a wiki, use a wiki. Use Drupal for access control. #
  • @trbruce And that would make it pretty much like any other general purpose CMS. 6 months of dev time could turn into a killer wiki. #
  • @trbruce Drupal Wiki install profile, seems fine, but the Drupalisms will certainly be annoying. #
  • The @CALIorg load balancer is chugging away at just under 900 requests per minute. Must be finals time in #lawschool land. #teknoids #

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