Twitter Updates for 2011-12-06

  • 5,331 @CALIorg Lessons run between 7 & 11 PM EST. 18,341 total for day until 11 PM. #lawstudents are serious about studying for finals. #
  • Mopping from weekend of database fun caused by a couple of slow #Drupal queries, likely in FeedAPI. MySQL Slave is 40 hrs behind Master. #
  • #lstechtalk Remember that 1/3 of a course can be online w/o tripping the ABA distance ed tests. #
  • Law is a service profession, it is not necessarily a commodity. Being a lawyer has meaning beyond training to be a lawyer. #lstechtalk #
  • I showed up at my first day of #lawschool wearing a shirt and tie. Thought is was a professional environment. #lstechtalk #
  • @debgpi Shorts and t-shirts. Syracuse, August, 1990. I was really hoping for a professional environment and I was completely wrong. #
  • I sort of gave up on pushing for greater integration of IT into #lawschool years ago. Usually resulted in irritating faculty. #lstechtalk #
  • So master and slave databases are back in sync. MySQL burned through 40 hrs of queries in just over an hour. Very cool to watch. #
  • @sglassmeyer Where was that? #
  • @sglassmeyer Interesting. Syracuse in the early 90's was pretty casual. A tie usually meant you had an interview. #
  • – Researching U.S. State Legislation » VoxPopuLII #
  • Gowalla Confirms It Will Shut Down As Founders and Team Members Join Facebook | TechCrunch #

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