Twitter Updates for 2011-12-28

  • FInished updating @CALIorg #Classcaster network to #WordPress 3.3. If only #Drupal updates were so smooth. #
  • Busy morning. Updated Classcaster and finished technical tweaks to the forthcoming #eLangdell securities law code and regs supplement. Lunch #
  • Seeing how long it takes to create a new index for > 4 million row MySQL table. Currently at 10+ minutes and counting. #
  • And the results are in: Query OK, 4605252 rows affected (13 min 4.84 sec). Now, will it take twice that on twice as many rows? #
  • Classcaster updated, securities supplement tweaked, Lesson run report reformatted, parameters for new index in MySQL set. Calling it a day. #

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