Twitter Updates for 2012-02-29

  • @sleers Would you repost the link for Chronicle article? It's broken in the tweet and I can't find it on the Chronicle site. #
  • @johnpmayer @sleers Got it now Thanks. And death to LMSes! #
  • The Criminal Lawyer's Guide to Criminal Law | 1 Introduction – "CRIME" [Soon to be reduced to print] #
  • RT @teknoids: Teknoids Post: Positiion Opening: Director of Technology, Univ. of Tennessee College of Law #
  • Textbk Rental Site BookRenter Spawns Rafter, Course Materials Management Network For Colleges [commercial #eLangdell #
  • @sglassmeyer I wanted to do something like that for a little site I run, but somebody wasn't fond of the idea. #
  • @sglassmeyer well, the topic was broached today, actually. It's a big job though. #

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