Tricking out the iPad

So, I’ve added a little bluetooth keyboard to the iPad with the idea that I will use it more if I can actually use it. One of the first thing I noticed after getting it all paired up is that the chunky keyboard that fills the bottom of the screen is pleasingly gone. I like that.

I wonder if I can get a mouse?
The keyboard is certainly seems like it will be a useful feature. I still need to reach up and touch the screen to navigate, but typing is a lot more enjoyable.

In case anyone is wondering I went with a separate keyboard and a small carry case for the iPad rather than one of those portfolio style keyboard+case things. After looking at a few of those I just didn’t think they would work so well when using the iPad mainly as a reader, which is what I do. After a few minutes, that seems like the right choice.

I’m wondering how running the bluetooth radio is going to effect battery life on the iPad. I’ve been paired and typing for about 15 minutes so far and the battery indicator says I’ve run off 5% of the charge. I plan on turning off bluetooth and the keyboard when I’m not writing,so that should help.

Well, I’ll update this later after I’ve had more time with the keyboard.