More In-Browser Content Editing, Now on GitHub, With Prose

Prose provides a beautifully simple content authoring environment for CMS-free websites. It’s a web-based interface for managing content on GitHub. Use it to create, edit, and delete files, and save your changes directly to GitHub. Host your website on GitHub Pages for free, or set up your own GitHub webhook server.
Prose has advanced support for Jekyll sites and markdown content. Prose detects markdown posts in Jekyll sites and provides syntax highlighting, a formatting toolbar, and draft previews in the site’s full layout.
Developers can configure Jekyll sites to take advantage of these and many more features that customize the content editing experience.

via Prose · A Content Editor for GitHub.

Prose, from Development Seed, is the latest in-browser content editor I’ve come across in the past few months. It’s been around for some time, but is just now beginning to catch on with the GitHub crowd. In a nutshell Prose lets you edit any file in your GitHub repos with a special focus on GitHub Pages, Jekyll, and Markdown.

Prose joins outliner Fargo and text editor Draft as part of growing group of in-browser editors that promise to alter forever the way we create content for the Internet and beyond. I’m just waiting for Word to die.