Trying something a bit different…

I think I’m sort of surrendering to the dark side, but I’m working on increasing integration with Facebook on this blog. It is part science experiment and part art project. The science part is to see how useful these tools are in increasing both Facebook Page traffic and website traffic. If it seems promising I’ll move into trails with AHG and Raw Editorial. The art part involves seeing how much stuff I can push to Facebook before folks start finding all the coder prattle annoying and wander away.

Wish me luck.

My quick status post

Working on some of the Facebook integration stuff in WordPress. Interesting and possibly useful for things like AHG. Need to dig a bit deeper tomorrow.

My quick status post

Just a few small changes. Brought back the Twitter digest of things I tweet. Added a feed widget with interesting articles I find in my reader.

My Twitter Digest for 06/28/2013