MSFT Bing Launches Bing for Schools Pilot With Curriculum Ideas, Hardware Rewards, and No Ads

Today marks the official launch of Bing for Schools, a new initiative designed to improve digital literacy for students by putting technology in classrooms, helping students learn how to use the power of search, and making sure they can do it in a safer, ad-free environment.  We’re not only announcing our first partner districts for the search pilot program and taking requests from school administrators to join, but also expanding our commitment with new features in Bing for Schools that let parents and communities join in the effort to promote the development of digital skills, backed by a national ad campaign to raise awareness about the importance of digital literacy.

via Bing Adds Hardware and Curriculum for Schools, Subtracts Ads – Search Blog.

Sounds like a good program. Removing ads from search results presented to students is great because it removes a distraction that can really take away from the search experience. Searches earn points and points earn Surface RTs.

I hope this program makes it out of the pilot stage into wider release.

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