Boston University School of Law Offers Students $250 to Blog

The Communications Office is looking for J.D. students with strong writing skills to blog about their experiences for In their own words: BU Law Student Blogs. These online journals give prospective students a better idea of day-to-day life at the School. Your posts may also be read by prospective employers, alumni, faculty, the media, and anyone who visits the site, so this is an opportunity to showcase your writing as well as your approach to law school and the legal profession in general.

via BU Law | News | Earn $250/semester as a BU Law student blogger.

This is a great idea that gives a voice to law students and provides the rest of us with some insight into what drives law students these days. This is a program that other law schools should copy. A network of school sponsored student written blogs where students write about their law school experiences would be wonderful.

If you’re at a law school and you don’t have access to a local blogging system, you could do this sort of thing on CALI Classcaster.