Google Harnesses Apache Cordova To Bring Chrome Apps To Android And iOS

Google’s offline Chrome Apps are about to find their way to both Android and iOS. Using Apache’s well-known open-source Cordova platform for turning web apps into native apps, Google today launched a developer preview of a toolchain for building native apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.Using these tools, developers can take their existing Chrome Apps, wrap them into a native shell and submit them to Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

via Google Brings Chrome Apps To Android And iOS | TechCrunch.

Seems like an a promising path for developers that are using frameworks like JQuery Mobile to build out websites into native apps. Requires the use of node.js and the Android or iOS SDK. I’m certainly looking forward to trying this out.

Of course the iOS SDK requires you work on a Mac. The Android SDK will run just about anywhere.Powered by Hackadelic Sliding Notes 1.6.5