April 2014 Web Server Survey From Netcraft

In the April 2014 survey we received responses from 958,919,789 sites — 39 million more than last month.
Microsoft made the largest gain this month, with nearly 31 million additional sites boosting its market share by 1.9 percentage points. IIS is now used by a third of the world’s websites. Although this is not Microsoft’s largest ever market share (it reached 37% in October 2007), this is the closest it has ever been to Apache’s leading market share, leaving Apache only 4.7 points ahead. Although Apache gained 6.9 million sites, this was not enough to prevent its market share falling by 0.87 to 37.7%. nginx, which gained 3.1 million sites, also lost some of its market share.

via April 2014 Web Server Survey | Netcraft.

The monthly Netcraft report is easy to forget about as we get bombarded with more and sexier data about what’s going on behind the scenes on the web. I still find it useful to help keep an eye on what may be going out there beyond the walls of legal academia. I’m always surprised by the scale of the numbers, with millions of new websites coming online every month. Anyone else remember when the Mozilla browser came with a bookmark list of every known website?